Gallery: Schools budget protest

PHOENIX — Hundreds came out to the Capitol Wednesday afternoon to protest Gov. Doug Ducey’s proposed budget for K-12 schools.

With chants of “Save our schools” and “No ifs, ands or buts, no more budget cuts,” students, teachers, parents and education supporters marched around the Capitol grounds. Legislative leaders, such as House Minority Leader Eric Meyer, D-Paradise Valley, addressed the protesters.

Ducey’s budget proposal, released last month, calls for $113.5 million in cuts to non-classroom spending while increasing classroom spending by $124 million. Non-classroom spending includes costs such as school administration, nurses, school buses and librarians.

Gallery: Yosemite in December – and in drought

I recently visited Yosemite National Park with my family in late December. I took some pictures as we toured the usual sights in the valley, and I also saw the drought plaguing California has not spared Yosemite its effects. There was a surprising lack of snow in the area and the park’s famous waterfalls trickle with much less volume and power than before.